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About Us

Kristin Klinker, Owner
 Kristin Klinker, Owner
My name is Kristin Klinker, co-owner and VP of BodiBronze Sunless Spa. I have been in business with my best friend and mother, Terri Klinker, since I graduated with my MBA in 2006. I was 24 when we opened our first UV tanning salon in Champaign on the University of Illinois campus. I had never been a huge tanning bed advocate, but appreciated the chance to showcase my passion for business. After six months of learning the ins and outs of the UV tanning business, I became extremely interested in sunless tanning and it quickly became my passion. I converted one of our UV tanning rooms into a sunless airbrushing room in January 2007 and began spraying my friends and family. Eventually I developed a client base and BodiBronze Sunless Spa was born in August 2008. We opened our first UV-FREE only location in July 2009. Our second location in Naperville opened in October 2010.

Sunless…the only way to tan.® That's not just our tag line…that's our belief. I see the damage sun exposure takes on people's skin everyday. I have also seen the direct improvements on people's skin health and radiance from our sunless services. Our customers truly can't believe how natural the results look. They walk out of our salon with the biggest smiles on their faces, thanking us for giving them a beautiful sunless tan. Our customers gain confidence and a sense of security knowing they will look amazing after each session with us. We see a lot of clients who have experienced or who are experiencing skin conditions such as vitiligo, tinea vesicolor (caused by UV tanning), hyper/hypo pigmentation, skin cancer, breast cancer, pregnancy, cosmetic medicine procedures, etc. who need our services to correct their skin issues or offer an alternative to UV tanning. For individuals who cannot "tan" for various reasons we are able to provide them with a phenomenal service that gives them that confidence they need.

Ask us any sunless related question and our clients know they are getting educated and knowledgeable information in return. BodiBronze works side by side with cosmetic medicine companies, doctors, estheticians and other colleagues to guarantee correct and relevant information for our clients. We run the best sunless tanning facility around and want to make sure each and every client walking through our doors is taken care of like family. We are professionals at what we do and we want people to experience sunless the way it's meant to be!

Our Staff

Karin Mathis, General Manager - Champaign
 Karin Mathis, General  Manager - Champaign
 Professional Airbrush  Technician
Ivana Vukovic, General Manager - Naperville
 Ivana Vukovic,  General Manager -  Naperville
 Professional Airbrush  Technician